Perfect Timing for Home Décor

While the pandemic had us locked down in the spring, a lot of people took the time to work on the outside of their homes. Yards, porches, balconies, pools -- 2020 was the year to revamp your home's exterior. Now that the pandemic has us locked down during the winter months, 2021 is the perfect time to work on the inside of your home.

2021: Perfect Timing for Home Décor

Though some may choose to take on large projects such as remodeling or painting, one of the simplest and best ways to spruce up your living space is to add a unique piece of original artwork. Reinvent a room by adding an image to view and reflect upon: the conversation piece. Make a statement with a splash of dynamic colour. Add drama and interest with a monochrome palette. Whether you're adding one work of art or collecting a set, all are pieces of value.

When choosing that perfect image for your home, always begin with an image that evokes a personal vibe. From here, you will want to choose your size and medium. For a minimalistic/modern room, you may want to consider an acrylic or metal print. These are ideal as they're typically mounted directly onto the wall space (there's a variety of hardware options out there for mounting) and do not require the added expense of framing. Similarly, a gallery wrapped canvas will look fantastic in almost any room. So, now you've selected your image and you can't wait to hang it. But what size?

This year's design trends include large format artwork and high-contrast prints. In Haskell's words, "one of the things I notice most when photographing interiors is how often the dimensions are wrong. This can really be an injustice to the piece as well as the room." He suggests, "find your wall space, measure it. Stand back and take a look. Is a 16x20 inch print going to work on a 7 foot wall? Probably not."







You can also fill a large space with a gallery wall. Keep in mind the importance of making sure the original piece or series can hold it's own. It may be a project you work on over time, or select all at once from the Haskell Art Store.

While there are many apps to aid in visualizing artwork on your wall, Haskell recommends taking a quick snapshot of your space and sending those to him with rough dimensions and the art piece you've chosen. He will put together a personalized perspective and work with you to bring your vision to life. Begin your art journey today by browsing Haskell Photography's Art Store, a diverse selection to boot and new pieces added weekly.

"Remember", Haskell adds, "the art piece should draw you in personally. Imagine yourself sitting back with a perfect cup of coffee or a deep red cabernet looking at your new art and feeling the connection. Art can be the soul of any room and it's healing effects may be just what we need during these difficult times."